User Guidelines


  • Alliance University Faculty, Staff and Students are eligible to become members of the library.
  • Library Membership forms is available in ERP,. Same can be submit using your ERP login.
  • Membership of the library is not transferable.
  • Students are required to display their University ID cards while entering the library, and at any time when requested by the library staff.
  • All library users are required to enter their names and sign in the register provided at the entrance.
  • Personal items (e.g. Books, folders, files, blazers, jerkins, overcoats, etc.) are not allowed in the library but should be kept at the belongings counter at the library entrance and collect the token from the security. If token is lost, user should inform to the librarian in writing by paying Rs. 100.00 as a penalty and may collect the belongings.
  • Do not bring & keep any valuables as the library will not be responsible for them.
  • Alliance Library online catalog (OPAC) can be access through and renewal and reservation of books only made through OPAC.
  • Suggestions for the purchase of new books, periodicals and newspapers may be made through the concerned departments.
  • Books or journals removed from the shelves should not be replaced on the shelves but should be left on the table.
  • Users should not mark, underline or write in the Library Books, Periodicals and Newspapers.
  • Photocopy service is available in the Library on nominal cost of Rs.1.00/per page. Only library reference materials can be photocopied as per the AU copyright policy.
  • Computers kept at the digital library section are only meant for accessing electronic resources subscribed by the University.
  • Users can collect CD/DVDs by depositing their ID cards at the library counter and same should be allowed to access only in the Digital Library computers as per the copyright fair use policy.
  • All library users are expected to read the e-mails/Noticeboard/library website for more updates.
  • Library users are expected to maintain silence at all times in the library. Group discussions are strictly not allowed inside the library.
  • Cell phones or any other sound systems are not allowed inside the Library. Anybody found using them will be penalized and confiscated.
  • Eatables and beverages are not allowed inside the library.
  • Students are requested to maintain dress code while they are in the library
  • At the end of every semester, students should clear all the Library dues if any.
  • All the students are required to strictly adhere to the above regulations and co-operate with the library staff for smooth and efficient functioning of the library.
  • The librarian reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone violating the user guidelines and policy of the library.
  • For Library Timings, Resources, Services, Circulation & Copyright policy and other more information please click on the appropriate links to access the details. 

Book Issue System

  • Library user must submit the library declaration membership form before accessing/borrowing any items.
  • Users have to produce their Library ID Card while borrowing Books.
  • Books Marked or written with ink/pencil, torn/pages taken out or defilement in any other form should be brought to the notice of library staff while borrowing, if any such things found during return will be penalized.
  • Users should ensure that Book/Book CD Rom have been properly issued and returned against their names by login into OPAC or checking email.
  • Books only can be renewed provided no other member has reserved.
  • Borrowers can reserve issued books and must be borrowed within 24 hours after receiving the availability mail, if not, it will be allotted to next person in the queue.
  • User cannot borrow any items when there is overdue in his/her account/ User can’t borrow any other items until clear the existed overdue.
  • Library reserves the right to recall any issued item even before the due date.
  • Books borrowed from the Library are for personal study and should not be used for any direct commercial purpose, scanning or copying in any form is subject to copyright restrictions.
  • Membership shall be suspended for repeated delay in returning the books and violating any library guidelines.


Category  Books-Issue copy Renewals
Faculty  10 for 30 days  2
Staff  5 for 15 days  1
Students  7 for 15 days  1
Research Scholar  5 for 30 days  2


Loss or Damage of book

  • Users are responsible for the safe custody of items borrowed from the library.
  • Damage or loss of books shall be immediately reported to the Librarian in writing and replaced with new copy of same or latest edition within a stipulated period.
  • If user is unable to replace the item though it is available in the market, they should pay the double the cost of the item and technical processing fee Rs.100.00 along with Overdue if any. Technical Processing Fee is also applicable for replaced items.
  • If the lost book is a volume or part of a multi volume of which individual volumes cannot be purchased separately, in such cases user shall have to pay the cost of complete set and user will be allowed to claim the remaining parts or volumes of the set.
  • If a rare or out of print item is lost and cannot be replaced, the borrower shall make the payment as double cost of the item with technical processing fee or as fixed by the Librarian/University authorities
  • In case of loss or theft of the ID card, the users should immediately inform to the library and a duplicate card can be obtained from the concerned department by payment of Rs.300.00.
  • If a student leaves the University without clearing the dues from the library, the cost of the borrowed books along with overdues, if any, shall be deducted from the Caution deposit.