The library has a extensive selection of both print and electronic resources covering disciplines such as Business Management, Engineering, Law, and Liberal Arts


  • Books:

    • Reference books: Comprehensive guides and encyclopedias.
    • Textbooks: Core reading materials for academic courses.
  • Periodicals:

    • Magazines: Current and topical publications.
    • Journals: Scholarly articles and research papers.
  • Audio Books: Spoken-word recordings of literary works and educational content.

  • E-Books: Digital versions of books accessible online.

  • E-Journals: Electronic versions of academic journals, available online.

  • Online E-Resources / Databases: Digital repositories of scholarly articles, research papers, and other resources.

  • Bound Volumes: Collections of back issues of law journals, facilitating historical research and reference.

  • Newspapers: Current news and information sources.

  • CD/DVDs: Multimedia resources including audiovisual materials, lectures, and documentaries.

  • Case Studies: Detailed examinations of real-life scenarios, often used for educational purposes.

  • Conference Proceedings, Dissertations, and Theses: Academic papers presented at conferences, doctoral dissertations, and master's theses.