The library's collection of books encompasses both standard volumes and reference materials. These books are meticulously organized according to the Dewey Decimal Classification system, where each book is assigned a unique number corresponding to its subject matter. These numbered books are then arranged in ascending order on easily accessible open shelves. However, certain collections, such as Theses, Dissertations, Special Collections, and Educational Videos, are housed in closed shelves for security reasons. To access these collections, patrons are advised to reach out to the circulation desk or library staff for assistance.

To facilitate easy browsing and searching of the library's collections, patrons can utilize the online catalogue. Upon locating an item of interest in the catalogue, users will be provided with its call number. This call number serves as the item's "address" on the library shelves and typically appears in the following format:

  • 330 (assigned to the book "Economics")
  • 500 (assigned to the book "Mathematics")
  • 624 (assigned to the book "Civil Engineering")
  • 658 (assigned to the book "Management")
  • 658.8 (assigned to the book on "Marketing")
  • 823 (assigned to the book on "Literature")

Arrangement of Books on Bookshelves